Where We Walk

coldfall-wood-feb-2014-015At Finchley Dog Walking Services we have two passions – dogs and the great outdoors – so combining the two to make a viable business has been an absolute thrill and a dream come true.

We’re dedicated to providing a bespoke and quality dog walking service in North London that covers East Finchley N2, Finchley Central N3, Muswell Hill N10, Friern Barnet N11, New Southgate N11 and North Finchley N12.

However, we don’t want to simply take your dog out for a 60-minute stroll around the streets of your local area or head to a park full of other dogs, we want your dogs to experience a long and fulfilling walk in beautiful surroundings. This is why we have designed a number of local walks that are all reachable on foot that will give your dog all the exercise and stimulation they need to be happy and healthy.

Here are a few our favourite haunts for dog walks that give your pets more:

Dollis Brook

This is definitely one of the best walks in the Finchley area for beautiful walks, with a brilliant balance of wooded trails and open spaces for dogs to roam and explore. The whole route through Dollis Brook is around 10 miles, but if you’re worried this might be too much for your dog, there are plenty of shorter routes that still take in the stunning surroundings and give your dog a good chance to stretch their muscles.

Coldfall Wood, Creighton Avenue, East Finchley

If you’re looking for an exciting walk for your dog to enjoy, then Coldfall Wood will definitely tick the boxes. This local treasure covers 4 hectares of magical woodland that is perfect for dogs and humans to enjoy and explore. With a number of events held in the woods throughout the year, there is always something to see, even if it’s just nature at its best.

Highgate Woods, Muswell Hill

This is one of the most peaceful and larges places I like to take dogs for walks. Sprawling across 28 hectares of land, there is fun to be had for all the family with a plethora of adventure walking trails, a playground, café and toilet facilities. The trails are designed for all abilities and ages and the entire park, including part of the café is pet friendly, so you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery around you without the fear of your dog upsetting anyone.

Your dog’s walk is an incredibly important part of their routine and isn’t something that should be taken for granted. Just like us, dogs can soon become bored with doing the same thing, so try varying your walks and taking them to places like these woods. These walks are all local to the area and far away from traffic and other hazards you may find walking around the block. This leaves dogs free to roam and explore beyond the constraints of a lead in a fun and safe environment.

At Finchley Dog Walking Services, we want your dogs to take walks they enjoy and that suit them not us, which is why we work for our clients, not the other way round.