The Importance of a house collar

The dog’s collar has been around for years and is used as a tool for many things such as a training tool and a fashion accessory, but one of the most important reasons for a collar is the safety of our precious pets.

Why aren’t people bothered about collars?

Back in April this year the law changed enabling each pet owner to become more responsible when it comes to looking after the safety of our four legged companions. Microchipping our pets makes it easier to locate owners of lost and stolen dogs, but since microchipping became compulsory some owners fail to provide identity tags and understand the importance of pets wearing a house collar.

While your dog is up to its usual tricks at home, some owners remove their pet’s collar for comfort and then attach their collar or harness prior to a walk, but this strategy does pose some risks in regards to safety and upholding the law. We all know our dog’s own personality- some dogs make great escape artists either by scaling fences, digging under them or by even opening doors themselves, but even those dogs that are usually more comfortable at home can be tempted out. If your dog can make a quick exit or is accidently let out of the home, then the missing house collar can lead to an extremely problematic search.

Following the rules

Even though microchipping became compulsory for our furry friends, some owners are unaware that they are still breaking the law if they fail to provide an identity tag to their pet’s collar. This can lead to a fine for the owner. Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs in a public area must wear a collar and identity tag that provides the name and address of the owner. Dog wardens can enforce fines for pet owners that fail to comply and the courts can issue fines up to £5000 for offenders. Not only may owners be fined for failing to provide an identity tag but if your dog is lost or stolen you’ll also have to pay out for the services of a dog warden to scan your pet’s microchip.

Safety first

It’s not just the cost of a fine that can be deterred by providing a house collar but also the safety of your pet. If your dog does escape or comes off the lead a collar can be a useful tool in capturing your pet, making it easier to grab them, or for others to contact you in case they are found or injured.

As a dog owner, the best thing you can do to uphold the safety of your precious companion is to make sure even in the home that your pets are wearing a house collar.

If you are using a Dog Walking Service you may also like to consider having the contact details of the dog walker on the collar so should he go astray whilst out having fun he can be re-united quickly