Protect my Pet

A Great Idea for Busy Dog Owners

The care and well-being of your dog is likely the most important thing in your lives. Our dogs are a huge part of the family and therefore we strive to offer them the best level of care that is available, but if you are like many busy individuals your pets care can take a back seat to other things going on in your life. It is not something that is intended, but remembering specific pet care aspects that are intended to be given on a monthly basis, such as flea and tick treatment are often forgotten. A responsible dog owner usually keeps track of these needs by writing them down on a calendar or a planner of some sort, but they can still be forgotten quite easier. There is now however a much better way to keep track of these things each month and it is called Protect My Pet.

What is Protect My Pet?

Protect My Pet is an easy way to receive the items your pet needs for care without you ever having to remember dates of care or items that you may be running low on. Protect My Pet allows you to sign your dog up and pay a monthly fee to have many of your pet care items sent directly to your home. You do not have to remember the dates because your package will arrive promptly, so you will know that when the box arrives it is time to treat your dog.


Another monthly payment may be the last thing you are looking for, but the amount of money spent each month on pet care will significantly outweigh the cost of Protect My Pet. The price of the service depends on the size of your dog and also what supplies you require. Pricing starts at £10.99 per box for puppies and small dogs under 10kg. The price increases depending on the dog’s weight, but is certainly well worth the money spent.

People are often worried about the price of a product being shipped to their home, but they never take into account that the store we purchase our dog products from on a normal basis is really just a middle man when you get down to it. Stores have to pay for utilities, staff, and maintenance throughout the store, so every product they put on the shelves is marked up specifically for these reasons. We also never consider the price of the fuel we use to drive to the store to pick up the products. When you account for these aspects you can plainly see how having items shipped directly to you will save you money each and every month.

What is Included

Some dog services seem to offer one thing with the products they ship. Protect My Pet is different because they allow the dog owner to adapt the box to their dog’s individual needs. For growing dogs, you may want to buy the box on an individual basis, but if your dog is fully grown you can sign up for the subscription in which you will be billed and the box will arrive at the same time each month with the items you have requested.

Protect My Pet begins with the flea and tick treatment of your choice, but does not simply end there. You have the option of adding treats, poo bags, and even worm treatments. The worm treatments are only available within every third box because that is the recommended dosage of the treatment. The box is also able to be adapted with your preferences with the ability to choose the brands you prefer. Protect My Pet stocks only the highest quality of pet care products at the lowest prices available.

My Experience

As a dog owner that is very health conscious when it comes to the care and well-being of my dogs Missy and Roxy, I am very skeptical of new pet ideas and products that come available. I have made a great attempt to ensure that Missy and Roxy get the treatments they need each month in order to stay healthy, but try as I might, I often fail at delivering the treatment at the same time each month. I signed up for Protect My Pet just to see if it would help me with their care schedule. I have never regretted that decision.

Being a dog owner of multiple dogs, their care can be quite expensive, but Protect My Pet enables me to be able to concentrate on other things instead of having to run to the store for dog related products all the time. It gives me more time with Missy and Roxy and that is something that is truly priceless to me. I am able to get all of their health treatments and keep them on schedule because I know that when the box comes in the post, it is time for their treatment. The website is and for an additional bonus please use discount code FDW20. It only takes a few steps to sign up and will make a huge difference in your ability to care for your dog without any interruptions.