Bespoke Dog Walking in the Finchley Area


Does your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter need a DBS background check?

  • Choosing a professional to look after pets in your own home is a complicated process
  • A Client will need to place an enormous amount of trust in their dog walker as they allow them to enter their homes to pick up their pets for walking
  • Is a DBS background check important for a pet sitter?

The business of Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is growing quite rapidly, and many customers ask “Do you have a DBS background check?” Of course, the answer every time is YES!

Dog Walkers are in business to walk your dog while you are unable to do so, sometimes when you’re at work, at a meeting or even away from home for the weekend. The majority of our customers issue us with keys to their homes, alarm codes, access to your valuables and possessions and of course we know your daily routine, when you leave for work and return and when you are away from home on holiday.

A DBS check for dog walkers or pet sitters

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You can help a homeless person and his pet this Winter

homelessThe really cold weather that we usually experience in the UK during the winter months is extraordinary, with temperatures sometimes falling below -20 C. Many farm and domestic animals are at risk from this severe cold weather, but are you aware of an equally exposed group of animals, the large number of homeless pets, mainly dogs, that live rough on our streets today.

Many of these dogs are kept as pets by homeless people, and regardless of the conflicting views whether they should actually keep pets or not, the truth of the matter is that many of these dogs are at risk from the extreme weather conditions.

Homeless Dogs and their owners

The majority of people imagine that a homeless animal may have a pretty unhappy life, but many of these dogs have a very strong relationship with their owners, more attached than a domestic dog would be. Many homeless people will admit that owning a pet is what gives them hope, with money that might have been otherwise spend on drugs or alcohol, actually being spent on their dog. A lot of the dogs are found to be in good health, with their homeless owners often putting their pet’s needs before their own. It’s thought that as the person and the pet spend so much time interacting with each other, their bond is amazingly strong.

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A Great Idea for Busy Dog Owners

The care and well-being of your dog is likely the most important thing in your lives. Our dogs are a huge part of the family and therefore we strive to offer them the best level of care that is available, but if you are like many busy individuals your pets care can take a back seat to other things going on in your life. It is not something that is intended, but remembering specific pet care aspects that are intended to be given on a monthly basis, such as flea and tick treatment are often forgotten. A responsible dog owner usually keeps track of these needs by writing them down on a calendar or a planner of some sort, but they can still be forgotten quite easier. There is now however a much better way to keep track of these things each month and it is called Protect My Pet.

What is Protect My Pet?

Protect My Pet is an easy way to receive the items your pet needs for care without you ever having to remember dates of care or items that you may be running low on. Protect My Pet allows you to sign your dog up and pay a monthly fee to have many of your pet care items sent directly to your home. You do not have to remember the dates because your package will arrive promptly, so you will know that when the box arrives it is time to treat your dog.


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Hidden Dangers in Convenient Retractable Dog Leads  for Dog Walking

dog-leadDogs are the most popular pet among people all over the world. Almost everyone has owned a dog at some point in their lives and many treat their dog like they are truly one of the family. Dog lovers throw their dogs parties, buy them speciality outfits, and even take them on family holidays. It is a good life when you have the opportunity to be a family’s favourite pet, but there are times when good intentions can get you into trouble.

Dogs really enjoy taking walks with their owners. In the interest of safer Dog walking dog owners utilise many forms of restraint to keep the dog from running aimlessly through the streets. One of the most popular devices people use for restraint purposes is the common retractable lead  Upon first looking at one of these leads, it looks like a great idea. The owner has control over how much to let the lead out and the dog gains a little more freedom with their walks, but there are certain hidden dangers that make this form of restraint one of the worst for your dog.

Too Much Freedom

We want our dogs to have a certain amount of freedom, but some of these leads can allow the dog to go a considerable amount of distance from their owner. They may come in contact with another animal and engage in an altercation or find themselves running out into a busy street. A shorter lead allows the owner to maintain better control of the entire situation.

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How to tell if your dog is depressed

Tell-if-Your-Dog-Is-depressedWhen people suffer from a mental health issue such as depression they may show signs and symptoms of the condition or be able to talk about the situation, but for our four-legged friends, it’s not that easy. Most people don’t realise that dogs can suffer from mental health issues just as much as humans can. Unfortunately, if they are suffering, they aren’t able to tell us about it, but it may be the reason for unusual behaviours. Anything can be the trigger for depression in dogs such as the loss of a group  member, so watching out for the common signs of depression in dogs can alert us to any mental health concerns and enables us to upkeep their general health and wellbeing.

Watching for the warning signs

Humans and dogs have similar traits especially when it comes to behaviours. If your ‘always hungry’ pup suddenly becomes food shy and loses weight, or you have a dog that has started to overindulge and gain weight this could be a key indicator of a sad dog and a common sign of depression. Everyone knows the saying ‘it’s a dog’s life’ and whilst some dogs like to sleep a lot, if your pet is sleeping more than usual for them, this can be a sign of depression, but so can restlessness, especially if your dog is unable to get a good night sleep.

Know your dog’s behavioural traits

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Make sure your dog stays well hydrated

dog-water-walkingWe spend hours researching for the best dog food brands for our pet, we make sure we buy only safe puppy toys, but were you aware that water is probably the most important step to keep your dog healthy?

Just like us, a dog consists of around 80% water. Water is essential for most bodily processes to keep him healthy, such as circulation, digestion, filtering waste and regulating the body temperature. If your dog is dehydrated, he can suffer terrible illness, heart and kidney damage as well as various other problems.


Symptoms of dehydration in dogs

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The dog’s collar has been around for years and is used as a tool for many things such as a training tool and a fashion accessory, but one of the most important reasons for a collar is the safety of our precious pets.

Why aren’t people bothered about collars?

Back in April this year the law changed enabling each pet owner to become more responsible when it comes to looking after the safety of our four legged companions. Microchipping our pets makes it easier to locate owners of lost and stolen dogs, but since microchipping became compulsory some owners fail to provide identity tags and understand the importance of pets wearing a house collar.

While your dog is up to its usual tricks at home, some owners remove their pet’s collar for comfort and then attach their collar or harness prior to a walk, but this strategy does pose some risks in regards to safety and upholding the law. We all know our dog’s own personality- some dogs make great escape artists either by scaling fences, digging under them or by even opening doors themselves, but even those dogs that are usually more comfortable at home can be tempted out. If your dog can make a quick exit or is accidently let out of the home, then the missing house collar can lead to an extremely problematic search.

Following the rules

Even though microchipping became compulsory for our furry friends, some owners are unaware that they are still breaking the law if they fail to provide an identity tag to their pet’s collar. This can lead to a fine for the owner. Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs in a public area must wear a collar and identity tag that provides the name and address of the owner. Dog wardens can enforce fines for pet owners that fail to comply and the courts can issue fines up to £5000 for offenders. Not only may owners be fined for failing to provide an identity tag but if your dog is lost or stolen you’ll also have to pay out for the services of a dog warden to scan your pet’s microchip.

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20150904_125232_resizedYou could be forgiven for thinking that walking a dog is an easy accomplishment. With some dogs, it’s a pleasurable experience, yet for other dog owners, it’s something they tolerate for the sake of their pets.

Here are a few suggestions for a stress free, enjoyable walking routine, for both you and your dog.

Practice some off the lead walking

Choose a safe area where your dog can safely run off the lead, obviously never when next to a road. This short session requires a great deal of self-discipline and concentration, so try to make them as stimulating as possible, with lots of changes of direction and speed. Take along some dog treats or one of his favourite toys as a motivation aid and treat it not only as an obedience exercise, but also as a game, and both you and your dog will have some fun, allowing him to walk alongside you.

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