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Does your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter need a DBS background check?

  • Choosing a professional to look after pets in your own home is a complicated process
  • A Client will need to place an enormous amount of trust in their dog walker as they allow them to enter their homes to pick up their pets for walking
  • Is a DBS background check important for a pet sitter?

The business of Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is growing quite rapidly, and many customers ask “Do you have a DBS background check?” Of course, the answer every time is YES!

Dog Walkers are in business to walk your dog while you are unable to do so, sometimes when you’re at work, at a meeting or even away from home for the weekend. The majority of our customers issue us with keys to their homes, alarm codes, access to your valuables and possessions and of course we know your daily routine, when you leave for work and return and when you are away from home on holiday.

A DBS check for dog walkers or pet sitters

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