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Fireworks Safety and Your Dog

dogs-scared-of-fireworks-300x211-150x150It’s that time of year again. Halloween and Bonfire Night have rolled around bringing excitement, loud bangs and whizzes and yummy sweet treats for us all. Unfortunately while we love this time of year, for our poor pets it can be terrifying.

Stranger Danger

Halloween is the time of year when we throw noisy parties and we don’t mind opening our doors to ghoulishly-clad strangers, but bear in mind your dog may react to a stranger’s knock in ways you don’t expect. He may try to run out of the door in panic or he could even try to attack the person on your doorstep.

If Fido is frightened of noise, whether it’s loud music or fireworks, take steps beforehand to keep him calm. Walk him during the day before any fireworks start. Give him a place of his own in a quiet part of the house. You could build a den for him so he has somewhere to hide. Leave a radio playing quietly in the background to distract him from outside noises. Make sure he is left undisturbed but do calmly check on him at intervals.

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