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All About Dog Flu

9538014267782d5b4d9ab_0Almost every person on earth experiences the flu at least once in their life. The experience of fever, aches, pains, and the uncontrollable urge to never leave your bed again are an experience one never forgets and never has the desire to repeat. The flu can last days or even weeks, but with lots of fluids and rest people generally recover over time with no long term effects.

It is a little-known fact, but an increasing phenomenon that dogs can contract a form of flu that is very closely related to the human strain. This form of flu, just like the human form, evolves and is resistant to many forms of medication. Dog flu is on the rise and as the numbers go up so do the number of dog flu deaths each year. Symptoms of dog flu are very closely related to humans, so here are some of the most common ones.


One of the first signs that a human is getting the flu is coughing. Many times this is simply attributed to food we have eaten, but coughing in a dog can be cause for concern. Coughing occurs when the respiratory tract becomes inflamed. Most of the time drinking water can help, but if the animal continues to cough a trip to the veterinarian may be in order.

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You can help a homeless person and his pet this Winter

homelessThe really cold weather that we usually experience in the UK during the winter months is extraordinary, with temperatures sometimes falling below -20 C. Many farm and domestic animals are at risk from this severe cold weather, but are you aware of an equally exposed group of animals, the large number of homeless pets, mainly dogs, that live rough on our streets today.

Many of these dogs are kept as pets by homeless people, and regardless of the conflicting views whether they should actually keep pets or not, the truth of the matter is that many of these dogs are at risk from the extreme weather conditions.

Homeless Dogs and their owners

The majority of people imagine that a homeless animal may have a pretty unhappy life, but many of these dogs have a very strong relationship with their owners, more attached than a domestic dog would be. Many homeless people will admit that owning a pet is what gives them hope, with money that might have been otherwise spend on drugs or alcohol, actually being spent on their dog. A lot of the dogs are found to be in good health, with their homeless owners often putting their pet’s needs before their own. It’s thought that as the person and the pet spend so much time interacting with each other, their bond is amazingly strong.

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A Great Idea for Busy Dog Owners

The care and well-being of your dog is likely the most important thing in your lives. Our dogs are a huge part of the family and therefore we strive to offer them the best level of care that is available, but if you are like many busy individuals your pets care can take a back seat to other things going on in your life. It is not something that is intended, but remembering specific pet care aspects that are intended to be given on a monthly basis, such as flea and tick treatment are often forgotten. A responsible dog owner usually keeps track of these needs by writing them down on a calendar or a planner of some sort, but they can still be forgotten quite easier. There is now however a much better way to keep track of these things each month and it is called Protect My Pet.

What is Protect My Pet?

Protect My Pet is an easy way to receive the items your pet needs for care without you ever having to remember dates of care or items that you may be running low on. Protect My Pet allows you to sign your dog up and pay a monthly fee to have many of your pet care items sent directly to your home. You do not have to remember the dates because your package will arrive promptly, so you will know that when the box arrives it is time to treat your dog.


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Hidden Dangers in Convenient Retractable Dog Leads  for Dog Walking

dog-leadDogs are the most popular pet among people all over the world. Almost everyone has owned a dog at some point in their lives and many treat their dog like they are truly one of the family. Dog lovers throw their dogs parties, buy them speciality outfits, and even take them on family holidays. It is a good life when you have the opportunity to be a family’s favourite pet, but there are times when good intentions can get you into trouble.

Dogs really enjoy taking walks with their owners. In the interest of safer Dog walking dog owners utilise many forms of restraint to keep the dog from running aimlessly through the streets. One of the most popular devices people use for restraint purposes is the common retractable lead  Upon first looking at one of these leads, it looks like a great idea. The owner has control over how much to let the lead out and the dog gains a little more freedom with their walks, but there are certain hidden dangers that make this form of restraint one of the worst for your dog.

Too Much Freedom

We want our dogs to have a certain amount of freedom, but some of these leads can allow the dog to go a considerable amount of distance from their owner. They may come in contact with another animal and engage in an altercation or find themselves running out into a busy street. A shorter lead allows the owner to maintain better control of the entire situation.

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