Professional and Friendly Dog Walker in Finchley


If you are at work through the day, have other family commitments that are demanding of your time, which means it’s impossible to give your dog the care and time he needs, especially for those necessary dog walks, then Finchley’s favourite Dog Walking service has the answer. 

Bespoke One-to-One Dog Walks

Our walks are always tailored to meet the individual needs of your pet. Your dog will be walked on a route that they are familiar with, and for a suitable, required length of time. Our one-to-one dog walks are excellent for any dogs that have problems socialising with other animals, or perhaps you would prefer that they have some one on one time. Finchley Dog Walking Service prides itself on personalised, professional and key sessions that we spend with your dogs, to ensure that they are cared for and walked, to fit into our customer’s routines, or when you need to be out all day.

Small Group Walks

Finchley Dog Walking service also offers interactive walks for small groups of dogs. The maximum number of dogs on these group walks is three, in order that each dog is given the highest level of interaction and attention by the dog walker , at the same time ensuring that we meet the best standards of safety.

Regular Dog Walker

Your dog will be walked each session, by the same, regular Dog Walker, which allows your pet to build up a relationship with the handler, for a personal and more responsive experience. We understand that some canines may require some basic training, and a walking lesson is essential for teaching basic commands and obedience, in an enjoyable, stress-free manner. Finchley Dog Walker incorporates training commands, recall and on-lead methods while always using a positive approach.

Benefits of using Finchley’s Favourite Dog Walking Service

  • Your dog is under constant supervision at all times
  • Maximum enjoyment for your dog at all times, to include outdoor activities and swimming if location and weather conditions allow
  • All walks being from your home, which means no stressful car journey for your pet
  • Basic training in obedience and commands
  • On-lead and off-lead walking to maximise your dog’s fitness levels
  • Hypo-allergenic treats are provided on walks
  • Fully insured and a member of NARPS UK.